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We represent primarily European-based, Nonwoven, Synthetic Fiber, and Perforating machinery and equipment manufacturers. We also serve the NAFTA countries and maintain a spare parts inventory for many of the companies we represent.






Saurer Temco

Saurer Temco

Saurer Temco, is a world renowned company located in Hammelburg, Germany. They are a well-known manufacturer of high efficiency mechanical components for textile machinery used in the production and the processing of synthetic yarns worldwide. Once a part of the FAG Bearing Group, Temco brings this precise German engineering to be an innovative textile producer of precision components on which customers depend.

Temco is the leading producer of components in the areas of textile technology and bearing engineering; from Separator Rollers, Special Bearings (examples include Journal Bearings, Guide Pulleys, Supporting Rollers, Idler Rollers, Guide Rollers, and Nip rollers), PU Friction Disc, Texturing Units, BCF Air Jets, Covering Spindles, Twist Stoppers and the list continues. Their products are manufactured and subjected to quality controls in accordance to the most modern methods, ensuring a continuous high quality standard.

Thanks to their deep knowledge of the textile process, combined with the understanding of the needs of our worldwide customers, Temco is the most reliable and valuable partner for your business.